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In the Fall, we host our annual Senior Internship Panel where seniors share their previous summer internship experiences with freshmen, sophomores, and juniors who are new to the internship process. We try to create a balanced range of panelists from a wide range of backgrounds that vary in company sizes and divergent focuses ranging from product, UI/UX, biodesign, and research design.

Through this panel seniors share the challenges faced and insights gained from the intern­ship appli­cation and inter­view processes as well as the day to day experi­ence of the intern­ship itself. This event is helpful to under­classmen who are looking to undertake similar experi­ences themselves. By hearing things from a purely student perspec­tive, students are able to gain real and detailed insights about the process which would be difficult to gain from other sources.

In previous years we have had students talk about their internships from Sonos, Google, Apple, Nasa, Uber, Kohler, Square, Fossil, Microsoft India, and Form Labs among other companies.