What is IDSA?

IDSA, short for Industrial Designers Society of America, is a nation-wide association for industrial designers. RISD IDSA is one of its college chapters. At RISD, our IDSA chapter creates a community for passionate designers to explore how our learning at RISD can make an impact in the world of design. IDSA encourages students to share and discuss ideas, interests, and challenges with one another as well as those outside of RISD by bringing industry knowledge and insights to RISD to inspire and contribute to the community.

What We Do through IDSA

IDSA aims to promote and share with others the power that design can hold. We help students expand their design skills and knowledge beyond RISD through bringing professionals to share their experience which is something that cannot be learned in a studio setting. Furthermore, IDSA aims to develop more collaboration amongst students of all levels and disciplines, and provide tools and resources to students to help them gain deeper insights into the design industry.

Our Members

The RISD IDSA team includes both under­graduate and graduate students, and a range of majors from Indu­strial Design, Graphic Design, to Visual Arts/Biology at Brown University.

RISD IDSA operates based on three smaller teams:

Our Partners, Speakers and Sponsors